FAQs About Fort Lauderdale Commercial Build-out Construction

Q. Do I need an architect for commercial build-out?

A. The answer to that depends on the size and complexity of your commercial build-out project but based on South Florida building permit requirements the answer may be yes.

Architects and commercial building contractors in Fort Lauderdale and south Florida view building design and construction differently.  A licensed architect is schooled in design and engineering and will create floor plans and blueprints as required. An architect sometimes has a particular structural engineer that he works with. Structural engineers are often required to sign off on certain elements of plans like foundations and load bearing walls in order to pull permits. The architect can also make sure that the specifications in the plans are being met as the work progresses.

A Fort Lauderdale, south Florida licensed building contractor can also work with structural engineers and can follow and execute plans correctly.

Q. Who will pull the permits?

A. Property owners can get their own building permits but the process is often complex and sometimes lengthy. In south Florida the building contractor usually files the applications for the permits and follows them through the process, answering any questions the building department may have.

Unless it is a very simple commercial build-out project, it is usually better to have the building contractor get the permits. In addition to speeding the process, when the contractor pulls the permits he is the one responsible for answering any questions the building department has during construction and permitting. A delay in answering questions to the satisfaction of the building department can slow a job by weeks or months.

The building contractor, by noting reasonable costs on the project application may be able to save money as permits are fee-based on the overall cost of the project.

Q. Why not do a commercial remodeling job myself?

A. Unless you are very experienced in work ranging from drywall, plumbing, electrical and stucco to framing and masonry, you are better off hiring a building contractor. Most commercial remodeling jobs will be more complicated and time consuming than you may think. On a commercial remodeling job the time demands alone may amount to almost a second full-time job.

The amount of money you save by doing the job supervision yourself may be worth far less than the time and possible errors that occur and have to be fixed. Unless it is a very small project get the help of a professional.

Q. Who is responsible for the subcontractors?

A. This is an area that has changed in recent times. Formerly property owners and building contractors were not liable for negligence on the part of independent subcontractors or their workers. The courts have changed that and now both the owner and the Fort Lauderdale or south Florida building contractor may be held liable for damages caused by negligence on the part of subcontractors.

Make sure your commercial building contractor has appropriate liability insurance and talk to your insurance agent to determine if you have the right coverage during construction.

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