Office & Retail Space Build-out

Whether you are in a brand new space that needs a build-out to turn it from an empty shell into a finished suite of offices or are in a space that just doesn’t work and needs to be redone, Mulheron Construction offers the services you need with skills honed on years of completed projects.

Mulheron Construction specializes in commercial space in Fort Lauderdale and can remodel your office or reconfigure your retail space into something that is perfect for your needs. If you have an existing store, we can enlarge it. If you would like to expand into the space next to you, we can make it seamless. If your space is pretty good but not quite right, we can make it right.

In all of our build-out or remodel projects, large and small, we believe that the initial planning stages are the most important to ensure the customer gets the desired result with the least possible upheaval or stress.

Your Building Contractor Relationship Starts Here

As a Fort Lauderdale building contractor, our first step is always to sit down and talk with you about your commercial build-out project. If we don’t take the time to find out exactly what you want, we haven’t done our job. We can start with your ideas and design the project with you or take a design you have and make sure it’s the best choice for you. Whether you are in retail, run a restaurant or just need a renovated office space, the experienced staff at Mulheron Construction will be able to help you realize your vision.

If you would like us to be the single-point contact for your project and coordinate the work of planning, engineering, architectural services, permitting and construction, we can do that. Or if you have other professionals already involved that you would like us to work with, we can do that.

Office & Retail Build-out On Time and On Budget

Our goal is to oversee the construction of your project within the time frame and budget that you have with a minimum amount of worry or aggravation. We will give you detailed cost estimates and always offer options that could save you money. We make sure you are informed at every step of the process.

In the event that you need to keep running your business while improvements are being made we are prepared to deal with issues of security and safety in the day-to-day construction to lessen the impact on you. We can monitor air quality and arrange deliveries so that they interfere with your work as little as possible. The work site can be cleared of debris daily, and we are prepared to consider any other special requests you might have.

If you have tenants in your building, we treat them with the same respect we extend to you. Whenever there are people in the space, we do all we can to not disrupt their use of their space.

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