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Expanding or Renovating Business Space in South Florida

After making the decision to expand or fully renovate your business, it can be an exciting time, but you have to keep a clear head to make the right business space renovation decisions. First and foremost, time will be imperative so make Mulheron Construction your first phone call. Our extensive business space renovation and build out experience in both leased and owned buildings, assures we will meet your needs as efficiently as possible to stay within your schedule and budget. Our reputation for maintaining clean construction sites places a priority on safety and efficiency throughout every project.

Is your project a renovation or a build out?

Is your project a remodel? Perhaps you want to renovate your building? Or maybe your new business model will require a complete build out? Regardless of the project, your goals are our goals which mean we work hard to meet your needs so you can take your business to the next level. With the economy still in the recovery stage, Mulheron Construction has helped numerous business owners on tight budgets, and we believe anything can be achieved with the right planning.

We know South Florida commercial real estate

Over the years, we have teamed up with Association committees, management companies, and mall representatives and this has given us valuable working knowledge of South Florida commercial real estate. Mulheron Construction knows how to meet the needs of business owners, employees, and residents on a day-to-day basis. If you speak to any past clients, you will also know that we adjust to whatever is thrown our way and we thrive in the typical pressured environment of commercial business renovation.

In the commercial construction world, we believe outstanding results can be achieved with hard work, determination, a focus on detail, and professional craftsmanship. Before moving forward with any commercial renovation or build out, we will create a working schedule (agreed by you), so you can open the doors for commerce as soon as possible. At the completion of your renovation, you will have the desired space that will be inviting to customers and your employees as well.   

If the project is a build out within a commercial space, Mulheron Construction will guide you through the planning phase even assisting you in your search for the right space. When it comes to rented space, you will normally have to negotiate with the landlord regarding the quality, extent, and cost of the build out or commercial renovation. Because the Mulheron Construction plan and renovation cost estimate will be a critical factor in your landlord negotiations, there are a few issues to consider.

For starters, you should know how much the landlord is willing to pay if the lease is predicated on the landlord making the improvements. As long as the improvements are increasing the value of the property or bringing the space up to code requirements, the landlord will usually see the benefit.

We keep you on budget

In our experience, we suggest against both over-building and under-building. At all times, you need to remain within your budget and remember your improvements will stay if or when you move.

Landlord agreement and documentation of the improvements should be part of the lease before signing it. This documentation will ensure the build out, or renovation will happen on time.

Finally, as part of your team, Mulheron Construction will talk with building inspectors to make sure the plans pass local building regulations. Securing building permits is always part of our job.

If you want the pressure and weight of commercial renovation or build out lifted from your shoulders, just give Mulheron Construction a call today at 954-294-5504, and we will be in your corner until you move into your newly renovated business space.

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