Office & Retail Space Build-out

At Mulheron Construction we believe that as in many aspects of life, the success of any south Florida commercial build-out project begins in the planning stages.

For your commercial build-out project in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach or Miami careful initial planning is the key to staying on budget and getting the work done on time. The extra time we spend in the beginning ensures we don’t waste time later in the process and you don’t waste money.

Our commercial build-out administration services under the direction of a commercial general contractor are aimed at working with the owner and architect to develop a complete plan that includes all the finished elements and the project scheduling that will meet your goals.

Commercial Build-out Scheduling, Budgeting and Cost Estimating

Whether your project is still in the rough idea stage or one that you have fine-tuned down to the small details, Mulheron Construction is ready to take it through the final planning stages. During this important part of your project we assist you with determining the scope of work, scheduling, budgeting and cost estimating. You should feel confident at the end of build-out planning that you know what you are getting, when you will get it and how much it will cost. Using value engineering we also help the client identify cost-saving alternatives wherever possible.

During commercial build-out meetings we set up detailed cost estimates, look at building specifications, go over schematics, finalize the design and make a schedule for the work. If your project needs to be done as phased build-out construction, we work out the details relative to that as well.

Some south Florida building contractors will look at your commercial build-out project and assure you that they can handle it within the budget you have but later will come back with expensive change orders to add in elements you thought were included in the original bid. You will not get those kinds of expensive surprises from Mulheron Construction because we make sure the build-out planning stage has looked at all aspects of your plan.

Retail & Office Remodeling Construction

For instance, if you are remodeling a space for a doctor or dentist office we make sure all equipment you will need has both the physical space to be installed in and the utilities required to service it. We will compare the square footage you have or have planned for to determine if everything you specify can be accommodated comfortably. If changes need to be made in your plan we get them on the table from the beginning so you can budget realistically and equally importantly, so that when your project is complete you have everything required to do your job.

These same principles apply to any kind of project whether it’s new build-out of an auto repair business, a commercial build-out of a warehouse or a retail remodeling space. Only by looking at the details can a commercial building contractor assure you that what you want can be done, done within budget and done right.

No army general enters into a battle without assessing all the variables and options and no contractor can give a client the best possible results without doing the same thing. At Mulheron Construction we do that level of planning with you at the very beginning.

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